My sad list: 1. The Leafs. No further explanation required. 2. Michelle Kwan never won gold 3. Dan Marino never won a Superbowl 4. JK might kill Harry 5. Hilary Swank has two Academy Awards and Kate Winslet has none??? WTF??? I love Kate Winslet. I.Love.Her. For her talent, for acting and not fame-ing, for looking like a beautiful real person and not a manufactured Hollywood one, for her deep sexy voice and her gorgeous sexy accent… in my mind, she"s as perfect as it gets. And here she is, shopping in London, getting ready perhaps for an appearance at TIFF? To kick off what could be another run at Oscar? Three highly anticipated releases this year have Kate in pole position, including a much talked about role in Little Children that could ruin Annette"s chances, along with the female lead in the heavily touted All the King"s Men, and finally, what looks to be an adorable part in The Holiday with Cameron Diaz, a film that could very well be this season"s Love Actually. Kate Winslet. She really is the best, don"t you think?