If you had asked me a year ago if Cameron Diaz would ever be named the Daily Gorgessity I would have said – get the f&ck outta here.

But Cam came back strong. And Cam and Pip broke up. Which is why Cam is showing Pip what he’s missing.


By toning and bronzing, at the gym and at the beach, and smiling y’all. Cam is smiling for the pappies…

Smiling for the pappies on purpose?


As I mentioned, when I saw her at the Oscars she was glowing. I was surprised at how pretty she really is in person and since then, in spite of one or two brief glimpses of The Herm, Cam has been flawless. The longest legs, the fittest body, and bitch really does have the best clothes.

It’s the Ass Strategy cranked up and played like a real pro. And not some mickey mouse tv girl trying to become a movie star.

Eat that Jessica Biel.