Written by Sarah

It’s because she’s girlfighting with Cameron Diaz. According to the New York Post, who is commenting on an US Weekly story, Cameron and Kate are fueding over Alex Rodriguez. Given the sources, I am disinclined to believe this, even though Cameron did fling with A-Rod shortly after he and Kate split, but the very idea of Cameron and Kate engaging in girl games is disappointing. And over A-Rod! Ugh, if you’re going to girlfight, please do it over someone worthy of your combined awesomery. Like George Clooney. Girlfight over Clooney and he’d probably invite you both out to Italy to zip around on speedboats with him and be sexy and international, and give the rest of us a reason to hate you in the good way.

But girlfighting over A-Rod? It makes me hate you in the bad way. The way that means I don’t care about you anymore. The way that turns me off of going to see you in movies. Cameron’s already on thin ice because I f*cking hate the Shrek movies and Knight & Day looks so bloody awful I pass out whenever the trailer comes on in an attempt to spare myself from the inanity of it. She’s already working on two strikes. Kate at least has The Killer Inside Me with Casey Affleck coming up. Looks brutal and amazing and like I’ll need a shower after I see it. So Kate is definitely winning this very-likely-girlfight based on quality of work.

Cameron, however, is totally winning on hotness. Kate’s new boobs are cute and all, but holy hell, are you seeing Cameron in these photos?! She’s thirty-seven and looks like this. Hate her in the good way.

Unless she really is flinging with A-Rod to get back at Kate for flinging with Justin Timberlake right after JT and Cameron broke up. In that case, I hate them both in the bad way.

Attached are photos of Cameron Diaz at the LA premiere of Shrek Forever After and Kate Hudson filming Something Borrowed over the weekend.

Written by Sarah
Photos from SINKY/MACCA/Splashnewsonline.com