I spent a long time getting lost in admiration for Cameron Diaz while she was posing at the 2nd photo wall. This girl is a pro. Didn’t really care for the dress either way, or the one she wore to Vanity Fair, but to watch her working the camera – it comes naturally, unlike Renee Zellweger, and when you see it unfolding, you know Cammie D was born for this.

What she’s not born for is presenting. And I’m not referring to what was probably an intentional fumble with Steve Carell in that Jude Law bit. What I’m referring to is the way that words can’t seem to find their way out of her mouth. She struggles to get them out articulately on this stage. She did it last year, and the year before, and she did it again, and she keeps doing it because she keeps saying yes. And while it’s an honour, certainly, to be invited all the time by the Academy, what Shelf Ass Jessica Biel prays to Shiloh for every night, at the same I would miss her more if I wasn’t seeing her at every event. Cam is someone I want to miss.

Photos from Wenn.com