Drew Barrymore is NOT That Girl. And neither, I assume, is Cameron Diaz. Another female classification for these two but first the positive: Drew and Cam at Coachella. Drew and Cam looking super cute. Especially Cam. It’s really too bad she associates with Paris Hilton – the only thing preventing a full on love affair.

Anyway, rumour has it from fellow festival revelers, Cam was out of control drunk off her ass, came close to making a complete easy hooch out of herself several times if not for Drew’s protective intervention. You know the scene, right? We’ve all been on both sides, right?

Girls do that for other girls, see? Girls don’t let their girls embarrass themselves and wake up to regret the morning after. Which is what Drew supposedly did for Cam.

Which is what Paris Hilton can’t even bring herself to do for her sister…