After my article the other day with the exclusive report from Jenny about how Cameron Diaz was pathetic with ARod in Mexico - click here if you missed it - I wrote that my Cammie had never been That Girl. The one who throws herself at the boy to the point of embarrassment. Many of you emailed in response insisting that Cam has always been That Girl to you. My friend Lo even sent me photo proof of the way she was all over Justin Timberlake. And then of course there was the time at the Globes when she found out Pips had hooked up with Shelf and she lost her sh-t and screamed at him for almost an hour in a jealous rage until Drew Barrymore dragged her away. Oh yeah. You do have a point. So Cammie's more like Porny than Manslinger?

I guess it's my new era of Cammie D. Don't think of her the same way. Kate Hudson is the only Head Bitch of Manslinging with a proper attitude then.
Cam is now in Madrid beginning promotion for the upcoming Green Hornet with Seth Rogen and Christoph Waltz. ARod meanwhile is back in Miami, was spotted at Art Basel. I'm not wasting my photo count on that prick. Cammie probably can't wait to get back to him while he probably hasn't noticed she's away.

Re: Green Hornet - much as I really, really want Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg not to suck, every trailer I've seen and everyone I've talked to seems to indicate it's a mess.

Photos from Carlos Alvarez/