Pip-Free and Perfect. LOVED the way this dress picked up the light. And sure, the face isn’t exactly unmangled but still, we are light years from our shaky past and thank Goddess we are now speeding past the Pipsqueak era - no more Justin Timberlake, no more Little Boys to spoil the New Cam. As for the break up and the hint of sadness in her eyes (am I projecting?), still no official word but at this point, it’s probably a slamdunk. And here are the fresh rumours about the reason, just arrived this morning: according to my sources she wants babies. Not today, not tomorrow, but maybe next year. There was a discussion, word is he freaked out, saw his player days evaporating before his eyes, acted like child, she forced the issue, he walked out the door. I hear there is a slim chance for reconciliation but that if it does happen, she’s not conceding on the family front – it would mean a SOLID commitment and right now, Pip is not ready to be Ashton. Kinda reminds me of that movie Prime with Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep. I loved that movie. Mostly because the guy was so hot. WAY hotter than JT and definitely worth a rental. The part at the end, when he offers his future to her…it’s incredibly endearing, you want to give him a pat on the head. Not that I can picture Justin doing the same but if that’s really how it’s breaking down, I’m now thinking NOT Cam and McConaughey but Cam and Vince Vaughn? Love, love, love. Source