Do we have to talk about the wearer? I’d rather just talk about her shoes.

Cameron Diaz won something last night at Teen Choice. She looked all one colour. But they did a good job on her makeup. Didn’t seem too heavy. Also, she posed backstage with Blake Lively and maybe it was the lighting, or whatever it was with the colours they were wearing, but that’s not the best combination. You’d think a photo of those two together would be a little more attractive, non?

Whatever. Can we focus on the footwear now?

How f-cking beautiful???

They’re Burak Uyan. They’re incredible. I’ve had my eye on these Burak Uyans for a few weeks now getting ready for TIFF, but now I’m thinking Cam’s might be more versatile. Or I guess I just like them more.

This is normally when I would bitch about the limited shopping selection available in Canada and yes, ordering online works but for the crazy ass duty you pay on your products. Done.

You know why it’s always Shoes? What is it about Shoes? So many reasons, but one for me: they still fit on fat days.

Photos from and Jason LaVeris/