I just had the trippiest phone call with my ma in Hong Kong about her visit to the fortune teller. You want to hear it? Probably not. Most of you folks don’t believe in that business. Some things though, you can’t deny.

Anyway, back to the gossip, Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez had dinner last night in Miami with former President Bill Clinton. No doubt, that did nothing to reduce the size of ARod’s penis ego. This motherf-cker probably likes her access more than he cares about her person. And I wish, so hard, that she wasn’t so stupid about it.

Earlier this week, Seth Rogen was promoting The Green Hornet in Asia. Cammie instead was in LA for the Globes, hitting up a few parties before the event, the boyfriend tagging along with her. I hear she was all over him most of the time. Like she can’t get enough. The way it was described to me, it’s like his dick is a drug.

This got me to thinking – how good does a dick drug have to be to overcome the fact that you’re f-cking a prick? The quick rebuttal might be that men do it all the time.


Because while men may choose ass over brain often, how often do they choose ass over brain if the ass is an embarrassment to them? Besides, if the ass is an extraordinary one, it’s actually not often that they’d be ridiculed by the public for it. In fact, they get praised. Too simplistic? Dylan, Josh, and I have to stand on several carpets all weekend, for hours, here at Sundance. Perfect time to talk sh-t. We will explore this.

Photos from Juan Garces/Splashnewsonline.com