US Weekly reports exclusively that Cameron Diaz will marry Benji Madden tonight. Last night was the rehearsal dinner in Beverly Hills. The magazine offered no details about where the ceremony will go down tonight likely so as not to tip off other paps.

You think the event will be GOOP-approved? You think the event will be GOOP-covered? Is that how Gwyneth Paltrow will challenge Martha Stewart?

It’s a good business strategy. She’s so connected, with so many Hollywood friends, and Cam is one of her best Hollywood friends – why not give G exclusive access to the wedding to be splashed out on

At this point, on prestige, it’s probably a lot more elegant to showcase your wedding on GOOP than in PEOPLE Magazine anyway.

And Cam would be the very first.

A longshot prediction but still…

If I were Gwyneth, I would have asked. Or hinted.

If I were Cam I’d wait a few days. Like, if she really wants to not have the media attention etc, get married during the Golden Globes when everyone will be focused elsewhere. Because right now, today, it’s all eyes on Cam.