George probably wouldn’t mind that in the right combination.

So Cameron Diaz has been in Mexico the last few days with that dickhead Alex Rodriguez, seemingly as smitten with his children as she is with him. She looks ecstatic. Photo Assumption says it’s because he’s allowing her to spend time with him. I really wish she’d stop wasting her time. ARod may be a star athlete but on celebrity status, Cam eclipses him all day.

Anyway, guess who’s also in Mexico?

Yes, yes, it’s the Italian Queen. You know, when George used to go to Mexico, on his boys trips, his special visitors were paid. The special visits were not ongoing. Nowadays it’s the same, just a longer term arrangement.

Clooney dropped by to say hello to Cammie and that asshole yesterday afternoon. The he took Ely and her folks out for dinner.

A + F = A + F

I’d much rather it be:

A + A = who the f-ck cares about ARod and the Italian Queen

Celebrity Math never works the way we want it to.

Photos from and INF