Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake were in New York last night at the Bad Teacher premiere. They seemed very friendly, not like they’re f-cking friendly, but that they’re getting on really well friendly, several years after breaking up, and perhaps especially now that he’s no longer with Jessica Biel.

That, perhaps, was the beginning of the end of Justin and Jessica. When he and Cameron started working together again. I cannot imagine he’d be able to pull off the same kind of chemistry with his ex-girlfriend while his current girlfriend hovered out of eye line. Have you seen their interviews together?

Super fun. Super, super, super fun.

I’m attaching two below. And you can see they have a shorthand. And that they have laughed together for a long time. And that they know how to have a good time together. I LOVE this Cameron. The Cameron who can talk about farts and poo and be loose and easy and silly and strong, not swinging desperately off some dick’s dick. A-Rod has ruined her for me. I want her back. When can we have her back? The sad truth? There is no back. It’s how she is with all of them, how she’s always been. F-ck.

As for how it is with A-Rod right now, well, if her appearance on Letterman is any indication, she’s still got it bad. Watch as she discusses the popcorn incident. Watch as she announces she LOVES HIM on national television.

Cam & JT interview 1

Cam & JT interview 2

Cam on Letterman

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