According to the UK Sun, not exactly The Economist of London papers, Cameron Diaz and Keanu Reeves are dating. This is because they went out for dinner and a movie.

While eating, Cam apparently tried to make Keanu laugh by mocking her own wide mouth and stuffing it with a burger. They had some drinks, they linked arms, and then they hit a theatre.


They totally must be f-cking.

Cammie and Keanu have known each other a while now, costarring in Feeling Minnesota in 1996. I tried to watch this film but it’s not easy … struggling …through…. his acting. Especially when there are no explosions, sunglasses, and trenchcoats.

Anyway, as for whether or not these two have turned their friendship into a loveship…

I say no.

You? Do you want them to?

Check the poll.

Attached – Cameron Diaz photo from Comic-Con and Keanu out and about yesterday shopping for a phone.

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