They’ve danced around it before, both were unavailable, but now they find themselves in the same city, and single, and more mature, and Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio???

Please Sweet Shiloh, please make it so.

UK gossips are reporting that they had dinner the other night at Shoreditch House, then went on to a club, then a private party, all the while flirty and touchy, and at one point Cam was even seen kissing his cheek.

They’ve been friends for years, of course, since working together on Gangs of New York and going all green at the same time etc so their body language, knowing each other so well, could totally be misconstrued as more than platonic. And as you know the British rags can be unreliable…

But still…

It’s a dream hookup. It’s a makes-a-lot-of-sense hookup. It’s a rare Hollywood equality hookup, which can lead to a hot and sexy and potentially smutty power struggle. Besides, they look great together.

Some old shots of them in Cannes for Gangs. How young they were. How skinny his face was!

PS. There are also reports that Cammie has also been getting into it with Jude Law after they were drinking together at some bar. He left with another woman that night.


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