Let me put this out there for you right now...

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau > Alexander Skarsgard. Get on board with that.

Did you see him on Saturday Night Live?! What I’m saying is that I clutched the sheets. Also, when he reached out last night on Game Of Thrones, with his remaining hand, to hold back Brienne’s knife? Jesus, I might need some Lannister-Tarth fan fiction.

Anyway, Jaime Nikolaj was at the premiere of Skarsgard’s What Maisie Knew last week. And here are some bonus shots of him around New York last week. Why is he in New York?

Well, he’s Cameron Diaz’s love interest in her new movie The Other Woman. (Is that really the only title they could come up with?) Nikolaj is cheating on his wife Leslie Mann with Cammie. The two women find out and f-ck him up. Here he is shooting a kissing scene with Cammie this morning. It’s really too bad you can’t see more of his face.

Come on. She’d be all over that, right? And, you know, I think Gwyneth would approve. Gwyneth is expected to be at the MET Gala tonight in Valentino. It’s emotional support, perhaps, if Cammie goes, seeing as, ahem, the Timberlakes might be there. Or better, maybe Nikolaj can be her date.

Can we start this rumour now?