It was shocking when Paul Sculfor made it past 2 weeks. Even more so that it’s been over 2 months. Manslinging Cameron Diaz’s multi-city romance is clearly still going strong as she and Paul were sighted all over NYC yesterday walking hand in hand, he indulged her while she went dress shopping, and then a little PDA at the US Open for Andy Roddick’s match.

Interestingly enough, Jennifer Aniston has also been in New York shooting 30 Rock. And while they have not yet run into each other, why would there be any reason for awkwardness anyway? Hiring someone is totally different from dating them.

And finally, is it like this with you? Refusing to watch certain movies in the theatre or even at home on dvd but applying a new set of rules on a plane?

I will watch garbage on a plane. In fact, I will ONLY watch garbage on a plane. Like PS I Love You. Worst movie ever.

Yesterday on my flight, there were options. Many options. I went with What Happens in Vegas and, gulp, liked it. It was funny. Giggle out loud funny. Lake Bell is hilarious. And while Cam’s acting continues to suck all kinds of ass, her chemistry with Ashton Kutcher is … hot. He is even hotter.

In my defense…

Did you know What Happened in Vegas earned over $211 million internationally with a production budget of just $35 million? A huge hit for a movie that opened around the same time as Iron Man which means it’s totally not PS I Love You which, did I mention, was the worst movie ever from inside out and all around? Just making sure.

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