They are reportedly in negotiations to star together in a romantic comedy – Cameron Diaz and the GMD reuniting several years after playing lovers in Vanilla Sky. There are many reasons why that film didn’t work. One of them…I didn’t buy them together. Didn’t buy him with Penelope Cruz either. Tom Cruise was walking around the screen, waving his arms and saying some sh-t but definitely not acting.

So they want to try it again. This time not a dark, twisty tale but a lighthearted affair about a woman who sucks at dating and a hot blind date who just might change her track record. Cam keeps making the same movies over and over again too, non?

Anyway, the GMD’s comedic turn in Tropic Thunder was extremely well received. And we loved him in Jerry Maguire. Funny + love – it’s a smart career move.

So now that he’s back…does he even need Katie anymore? Free her!

File photo from Frank Micelotta/