Cameron Diaz is promoting The Other Woman hard right now with Leslie Mann and Kate Upton. She's in London tonight for the premiere looking fantastic in a black leather dress, WOW.

It's the kind of dress you put on as a f-ck you to this headline:

2014 Is the Year of Cameron Diaz (Making Bad-Looking Movies)

That came from this article posted yesterday following the release of the red band trailer for her next movie Sex Tape with Jason Segel. It started out ok for me, right up until they actually record themselves having sex...and then it went to sh-t. The cloud is the big joke here. I just don't think it's funny. I think the coke snorting with Rob Lowe is waaaay funnier than all the references to the cloud. And the attack dog. Really? And attack dog? That's not...lazy?

So there's Sex Tape and then there's Annie. I wrote about the Annie trailer a few weeks ago - click here for a refresher. Awful. I want desperately for it to be good but...awful.

Having said that, I will not sh-t on The Other Woman. I didn't sh-t on it when the preview came out a few months ago -- click here for a refresher -- and I won't sh-t on it now because if these women are the story, I'm willing follow them on the story. I'm willing to spend the time to find out if they might be my people. So maybe that statement, 2014 Is the Year of Cameron Diaz (Making Bad-Looking Movies), isn't entirely accurate?