She"s been manslinging so hardcore lately I honestly can"t remember who she made out with last without checking the archives and google.


So it was right after unsubstantiated rumours swirled a couple of weeks ago that she"d hooked up with Diddy Daddy Namechange. The next evening she was "spotted" flirting over dinner with some dude.

F-ck. Who was it?

Don"t cheat. Try to figure it out without looking elsewhere. Not easy is it? My brain is a gossip library and her section is so stacked I can"t retrieve the file.

The point? She"s running through the boys at a torrid pace! Love it. If I were single, fit, and rich in my 30s I"d be boy crazy too!

This is Cam last night at the Women in Film event. Too much red I think, non? Too matchy matchy?

But am all over the top of that dress. So flattering. Small boobs are the best.

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