Cameron Diaz was in New York yesterday for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Shrek Forever. Really?

She was photographed earlier in a cute blue jumper. Not feeling the black dress she wore on the carpet. We know Cam. Cam can bring it with much more excitement. Perhaps then she’s saving up the killer pieces for when the Pip is around.

Justin Timberlake is supposed to be in Shrek Forever too, non?

He was absent from the festivities screening, probably unable to escape from the Cling. There is of course nothing happening between the two exes. They are friends. They are working together. And she’s still apparently hooking up with Alex Rodriguez. This doesn’t impress me.

As for Pippy and Shelf Ass Jessica Biel – they were actually together last weekend, and I’m told they appeared to be happy together last weekend. And there were no cameras around. I am as surprised as you are. Then again, she appears to have landed a proper job.

Something about a formulaic romantic comedy with Patrick Dempsey? (Source) Sounds about right.

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