The first sketch on SNL is always considered the strongest. And while Ashton Kutcher was officially the host, it was Cameron’s cameo that stole the show. She was fantastic. Obnoxious and annoying and perfect – in many ways, Saturday Night Live is the ideal showcase for her… talents.

Cam played a Latina cougar, the expert author of The Older Lady’s Guide to Bagging the Younger Mens, complete with fake tits and ass, too much animal print, a set of fat lips, and proceeded to maul Ashton in a tongue in cheek homage to Demi. Amazing.

Word is she also flirted up a storm off camera with Andy Samberg. I’d flirt up a storm with Andy Samberg too, although it appears she went home alone. Here she is leaving the afterparty in skinnys and a waistcoat and the best hair she’s had in a long, long time.

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