Cameron Diaz is in NYC to film a new movie called What Happens in Vegas. Shooting began this week – here she is on set yesterday rocking a killer dress. And if this first example is any indication, her wardrobe for this project is going to be mayjah.

As you know, Cam has been on a series of dates of late with John Mayer. However a new suitor has just emerged – none other than Bradley Cooper, former Alias star but perhaps best known Zach, the hilarious quail hunting psycho boyfriend in Wedding Crashers…

I hunt quail, Jeremy! They"re overpopulated in this region and they"re decimating the grub worm population. You got a f*cking problem with that?!

Snort. That movie gets better every time you watch it.

Bradley of course was married for all of five minutes to Jennifer Esposito, their divorce was just finalized the other day. And curiously enough, in the last 2 days, he has been rumoured to be hooking up with either Cam D OR Jennifer Aniston, with whom he is co-starring in He’s Just Not That Into You.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

PS. Check out Cameron out and about in NYC the other day carrying around what looks like a denim Chanel. I would never but somehow, she makes it work.