“…with Oscar Winner, Cameron Diaz!” Do you like the sound of that? Can you accept a world where that’s a true statement? A significant amount of buzz would have us believe that’s the reality we’re headed towards, and today we get to see why with a new Cameron-heavy trailer for The Counselor.

The backstory is that Cameron’s one of the many stars (Pitt, Fassbender, Cruz) in the new Ridley Scott movie, written by Cormac McCarthy, and there’s been a lot of talk about how this is “the greatest thing she’s done in years”, etc. Then when the first trailer came out, as Lainey said at the time (click here for a refresher), she was barely in it. In this new one though? Cameron is basically the only thing you can see.

She appears to be playing some kind of trophy girlfriend, and is also the movie’s “wise fool”… and is also maybe kind of a cheetah? Hard to say, but she’s got animal print tattoos, she’s dressed like a wealthy Bad Girls’ Club cast member and is delivering a lot of f*cked up warnings to everyone else in the movie. She’s a South Beach grim reaper...that’s also a jungle cat.

What I can’t tell is if she’s supposed to be so damn campy or not. At one point she says “the slaughter to come is probably beyond our imagining” and it’s thrilling, but it’s also leaves you feeling like “am I actually just reading a Fear Street novel right now?”

For anyone who saw her in the 2009 thriller The Box, you know why I’m worried. Cameron Diaz is awesome but sometimes sucks a big one when she’s asked to walk the line between horror and humor. But sometimes she blows it out of the water, so who knows? The depressing truth is that the quality of her performance will probably not have as much to do with her shot at an Oscar as one would hope anyway.