Back in November, after an eyewitness account of Cameron Diaz in Mexico with Alex Rodriguez, pathetically begging him to pay attention to her – click here for a refresher - I told you that she is, disappointingly, That Girl.

That Girl showed up at the Super Bowl last night. With that douche. And with the camera pointed in their direction, she fed him, her hand to his mouth, popcorn, essentially telling the world that his cock is her world. So f-cking gross. After all, here’s the girl who, approaching 40, is still seeing more scripts, making more movies, and money, than girls 10 years younger in an industry that worships youth. She is super successful, she is super connected, she is funny and fun, clearly the A list half of this couple, and she lets him front like he’s doing her a favour every time he pulls his dick out.


Look at her this weekend at Diddy’s party – another loser – on Saturday night. Photo Assumption her face. She’s adoring him. She’s, like, thanking him for giving it to her every day. She’s standing there like the mousy wife in the background, letting the big man do all the talking, mute until he gives her permission to be something.

Save it if you’re about to pound out an email defending her attraction to him as more than just the bone. We’re talking about Alex Rodriguez. Full stop.

You know who else was in Dallas this weekend? Her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake. I never, ever thought I’d prefer her with him than with someone else. But the brain between her legs just made that decision for me.

By the way, it’s actually Cam and ARod’s one year anniversary. They hooked up at the Super Bowl last year in Miami.

Photos from George Pimentel/Johnny Nunez/Michael Stewart/