Remember when this happened? Click here for a refresher on Cameron Diaz throwing herself at Alex Rodriguez in Mexico over Thanksgiving changing her forever in my mind and remind me that she is the girl who lost her sh-t at Justin Timberlake for picking up with Jessica Biel so soon after they split; she is the girl who embarrasses herself at a bar with a douchebag who barely cares.

And now this prick, while Cam’s away in Europe promoting The Green Hornet, is apparently kicking it low rent with some Housewife of Some City (the one who always walks around in a bikini?) called Kelly Bensimon in Miami. Page Six reports that ARod was flirting with Bensimon at an Art Basel party the other night. Another source tells the paper that: "While Alex was recently seen with Cameron Diaz again, they're not back together. He is single."

Does she know that?

Or will she get home and throw down with a D Lister when she finds out?


Pease let this happen.

And please let it happen like this. The video below. I’ve been waiting to find a reason to post it. And since Cammie is prone to jealous rages, well, it’s really the best fit. Thanks Ritchie!

You don’t have to be Chinese to appreciate the beauty of this clip. It will make your life no matter what language you speak. If you are fluent in Cantonese however you’ll know why I love it so much. It’s the best f-cking sh-t I have EVER SEEN. And before you suggest that it might be a fraud...


You don’t know my people.

If it was a fraud, you’d be able to see the other girl’s face. She’d get full exposure for her troubles. They’re vain that way these Hong Kong girls.

Anyway, enough commentary from me. Watch and be happy. And now imagine Cammie D doing the same. OMG. Why wasn’t I in this restaurant when this went down?!?!

Photos from and Elisabetta Villa/Ernesto Ruscio/ALBERTO PIZZOLI/