Cameron Diaz was photographed in London today at a production meeting in preparation for her next film Gambit with Colin Firth and Alan Rickman. Lucky bitch!


She’ll be working for at least a few weeks away from boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. Maybe in that time she’ll figure out she’s over it? Doubtful.

What’s more likely is that in that time he’ll f-ck her over. You know, ARod is just that kind of guy. And then she won’t believe it and she’ll drill a hole through some editor’s ass when a magazine prints the story. What?

In addition to shooting in England, Cam will also have to start promoting Bad Teacher opening on June 24 which… I loved the trailer SO much. And given the disconnect between it and what she’s really like, all clingy and sh-t, I guess we underestimate what a good actor she is. She really is.

F-ck my ass.


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