They revisited the Cougar Den on SNL this weekend and Cameron Diaz obliged. She’s been part of every one they’ve done. Love her for it. Love how she just pops in just because. Love that they have her on speed dial. And of course it seems as though Cam has permanently relocated to NYC lately – she’s spent much more time there than she has in LA the last several months. Something to do with the boyfriend?

Cam is a perennial presenter at awards shows. Wonder if she’s been invited to the Oscars again. We’ll know soon enough.

Here she is at the SNL afterparty with her beautiful blue Balenciaga and a red rose. Oh and about her hair, specifically the roots – there was a lot of ragging after the Globes about her roots. I actually liked the roots. Better the roots than a frosty highlighted Housewife of Atlanta, right?

Oh what do I know? I’m Chinese. We’re not allowed to have blonde hair.

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