Look at Cameron Diaz leaving her hotel in Paris today heading to the Versace show. I LOVE every inch of it. All of it. Which makes it even more revolting. That this, all these inches of style and fitness, were last wrapped around P Diddy on a dry-ride at the Golden Globes. Click here for a refresher, if you can stomach it.

P Diddy?

I will never see the attraction.

If for no other reason than ...HE’s THE FACE OF DILLARD’s.

And it’s not like Cameron Diaz wouldn’t have options right? So many options. Like Jennifer Lopez, except she doesn’t have to pay for it with her own credit card. But still...

There is only shame in f-cking Diddy. Only shame. And there has to be another way to get off.

And for those of you about to get on your soapboxes to moan about how Diddy might have other redeemable qualities:

He doesn’t.

He’s a selfish piece of sh-t, inconsiderate, condescending man who has been mean to the little people, including requesting for hotel staff not to look at him, without thanking them for cleaning up his mess, who has made people wait for hours, only to change his mind and not perform, and never an apology, THAT is P Diddy.