They’re close friends, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow. G has been advising you what to put in your body for a while now, since the launch of GOOP. Chickpeas and water is what she’s recommending to start your year. Cameron Diaz has just released her first book The Body Book. Cam says she too indulged over the holidays:

“We eat pork roast for Christmas, tacos the next day. I eat the pork skin, pork fat and the beef fat. That's my treat."

YES. Finally someone who talks about eating the fat. I don’t understand why people skim the fat off their pork chops and their prime rib. The fat is the best part!

But not every day, says Cam. She writes in her book that with her it used to be every day when she was younger and she had terrible skin even during her early years in Hollywood but then she started eating differently and working out a lot and it all changed…

How? Buy the book, obviously. (Or, you know, just cut back on the wine and have some chicken breast and fish. I’d say throw in some kale here and there but I prefer arugula and arugula is a “super food” too.) Click here to read an excerpt and for more of Cam’s tips. She was at Good Morning America this morning likely to promote her “Body”.