Cameron Diaz’s crazy arms were in Vegas yesterday as she was named the CinemaCon Female Star of the Year, an award that was presented to her by her old BFF Drew Barrymore.

Cam and Drew haven’t been seen together publicly for a long, long time. They had cooled for a while for various reasons, as you know, some to do with Drew’s habits, some to do with Cam’s crazy but somewhere along the line, there’s been a makeup… motivated in part by work? I heard something last week, not slam dunk, that Drew is exploring the idea of putting Cam in her next directorial effort How To Be Single (ugh). Cammie usually demands a massive paycheque. If true, it’d be a favour for her to do it, and even more of one to lower her asking price on an ensemble that, professionally, she probably doesn’t need. Like I said, the tip isn’t super tight, but it’s an interesting angle nonetheless.

Anyway, back to those arms…

We debated them a few weeks ago. Many of you were like – ew, gross, it’s too much. But I wondered, even though they’re not my personal aesthetic preference, whether or not this is still superior to a set of scrawny ass limbs, because you need to be strong to achieve this, and to work hard, to push your body to its maximum fitness, and isn’t saying “she looks like a man” simply subscribing to a standard of what it means to be a woman that’s been set by a man in the first place? I mean, back in the day, “she looks like a man” is what they used to say about girls who wore pants. F-ck, I don’t even know if I agree with this. But I do think it’s a conversation worth having.

On a lighter note, because life is about balance…

Her amazing legs. Now if you could have those legs, but only if they came with the arms, would you take the two for one?

I would TOTALLY take the two for one.

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