I really, really, really, really, REALLY love it that Cameron Diaz stays at Gwyneth Paltrow’s when she’s in London instead of, say, at a hotel so they can stay up late and google the people they hate.

Cam and G went out for dinner the other night with Stella McCartney and Reese Witherspoon. Click here if you missed those photos. I’m told the next night, the two of them were out with Jake Gyllenhaal. Unfortunately Jake did not go home with them which...f-ck. Because I want to know how that would work. How does the ultimate hostess Paltrow accommodate two friends who get down in the guest bedroom(s)?

By the way, many people are assuming that G’s quote below in Harper’s Bazaar, about the advice she gave to a friend, was for Cam:

"She is an actress and in a new relationship with someone else with a big career, and I said this may not be feminist, but you have to compromise. It's been all about you and you're a big deal. And if you want what you're saying you want—a family—you have to be a wife, and that is part of the equation. Gloria Steinem may string me up by my toes, but all I can do is my best, and I can do only what works for me and my family."

See now I don’t think it’s about Cam. Family, babies, wife? It doesn’t sound like Cameron Diaz. It does however sound a lot like Jennifer Aniston.