The Bad Teacher trailer is out, have you seen it?

I f-cking love it. There’s Justin Timberlake and still I f-cking love it.


Because it’s nothing to do, really, with Justin Timberlake. It’s everything to do with Cameron Diaz. And she’s funny. She’s crazy. She’s crass and rude and horrible and good. So good that she makes up for JT’s deficiencies. Maybe they’ve cut it so that the only good parts are in the clip. But this clip is the best sh-t ever. I just like the way she swears. Some people are terrible swearers, right? Like the word just doesn’t feel right in their mouths. I like to think I’m a great swearer. I swear with joy. Cammie does too.

This is the Cammie we thought we knew. Not That Girl feeding popcorn to a douche, begging him to pay attention to her in a bar in Mexico, hanging off his cock like it’s her master. For two and a half minutes then, forget that that’s the truth and pretend that she’s actually this much fun:


Cam was on Jimmy Kimmel last night with her ripped arms like totally in your face on display in a tank top, trousers, and suspenders. I love the look but I can’t stop looking at her shoulders and biceps. She is always a good interview though. She wants to be loose and engaging, with a lot of personality, who loves porn, and that’s great… only now that I know she’s so pathetic, I wonder if she is that great only because she knows it appeals to guys which is totally not the point.

But you see how cool she is here? SO cool. Really cool especially when addressing Justin, and popcorn, and it’s easy to forget these are only 10 minutes and right after she goes back to being insecure and clamped down around ARod’s neck.

So… does this mean she’s a good actor?



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