Drew Barrymore is the cutest pregnant person; it’s like she and Reese are having an adorable face-off with their pregnancy style.

According to US Weekly, Cameron Diaz threw Drew a baby shower last weekend and my first thought was that they must be as tight as ever because throwing a shower is the worst. When your single, child-free friend throws you a baby shower, that is love and devotion and you need to call them out publicly and thank them for it effusively. She’s choosing to immerse herself in breast pump comparisons and birthing stories for an afternoon, not to mention all the pre-shower planning drama.

But of course it’s your friend without kids who would throw you a baby shower because all your friends with kids have a built-in excuse: I’m too busy with the kids. See how that works? So those 150 pink and blue cupcakes topped with Lifesaver soothers that you made for your friend 6 months ago? Forget it, because she has. Remember staying up till 1 a.m. hanging streamers and blowing up balloons for the Winnie the Pooh-themed shower? Yeah, you are never getting that time back.

I was pretty adamant about not having a shower for many reasons: my close friends are child-free and over-the-top crazy generous with gifts as is so I didn’t want them to buy me more presents; babies don’t need much, and whatever he does need I pick out and buy myself. I was pregnant in the summer– we only get so many nice weekends; I have pretty particular taste and didn’t want to have to return a bunch of stuff; and, most important, no one wants to go to a baby shower (and I realize that, even if it is my shower). My poor sister was harangued about it – she spent weeks sending me suggestions and guest lists. Deep down, I know she’s glad she didn’t have to spend a Friday night making a diaper cake.

Baby showers are painful because they always seem to be on a beautiful weekend and you have to ooh and aah over onesies and play the ridiculous games like baby shower bingo and smell the diaper with melted chocolate (ladies can we retire this game? It’s gross!). One of the main advantages to having a baby is that you can leave a party at anytime and say they need to nap or something. No one can argue with it, it’s actually the perfect excuse.

But this is one shower that actually looks fun. Cameron knows how to throw a party: she had a bouncy castle for the kids, people were swimming and it was co-ed. Plus you know she had a bar and good snacks, which makes any party bearable. I’m very down with co-ed, because generally men get off too easy when it comes to these rituals. And if you don’t want to spend an afternoon talking about the best nursing bras, you can just wander over to the guys. What do guys talk about at a baby shower? I’d seriously like to know. (Lainey: as long as it’s not a f-cking gender reveal party I don’t give a sh-t.)

Attached - Cameron out in LA yesterday. (Lainey: OMG love her sandals.)