So, as you know, they’re making another Annie movie musical. Hushpuppy will play Annie after Willow Smith dropped out. Jamie Foxx will play Daddy Warbucks, only they’re calling him Benjamin Stacks. And please don’t come here with complaints about how Annie can’t be a black girl because she should have red hair and freckles. As I have said, repeatedly, the whole point is that kids need to be able to imagine – and imagination doesn’t come in one colour.

Sandra Bullock was originally pursued for the rule of Miss Hannigan but for whatever reason, she wasn’t into it anymore. Deadline confirmed yesterday that Cameron Diaz has been confirmed for the part.

Cammie will sing?

Cam once said that:

“I do not sing. I would not be able to pull off a song. Even if I did it poorly, people would still be, ‘What’s going on? What’s she singing?’ So it’s one thing I won’t even attempt to do.”

Well, she’s changed her mind. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Annie but if I remember correctly, Miss Hannigan has a number, or two, non? (I could totally ask Duana but sometimes she scares me when her musical nerd comes out.) That said, Miss Hannigan’s vocals are kind of caricature-y anyway. So… you know…this might work:

My Best Friend’s Wedding. 1997. There was once a time when Cameron Diaz played the girl who gets meangirled. And now she’s playing the bitch at orphanage. I dig it. I look forward to it, I really, really do.