Jenny emailed me last night. (Hi Jenny! Love to Sheldon and how’s your golf handicap?)

Jenny was on holiday in Cabo at the same time as Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez and ended up at Nowhere Bar on Saturday night when they were there too. What you are about to read disturbed me very much. Here’s Jenny’s account of what they were like:

“(Cameron) made a fool of herself. She was all over him and he barely gave her the time of day. She was all up and kissing him, dancing for him... and he was almost pushing her away. He was a total ass to her.”

Now we’ve all seen girls like that at the club. Too often. And the reaction is part pity, part embarrassment, part rage. You want shake her, to show her, to wake her. Jennifer Aniston? Maybe.

But Cameron Diaz?

Is she That Girl?

That Girl is not my Cam.

My Cam travels for cock, but my Cam also calls the cockshots.

But... when you think about it, considering who she’s dating, who she started RE-dating, I suppose it’s not all that incongruous. ARod, after all, is a first class douche. A raging egomaniac with a painting of himself as a centaur up in his house. This is not a man who respects a woman. This is a man who deals with a woman on his own time. And it’s always his own time. This is the kind of man Madonna has always had a problem with. And this is exactly the dick that Cammie can’t get enough of.

Now I’m down with an irresistible dick...but not if it means it gets to humiliate me in public. Maybe I haven’t had it good enough. But to me there no dick that’s worth that. Especially not if I’m Cameron Diaz...?!?

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