Cameron Diaz is 39 years old today. She’s currently working on What To Expect When You’re Expecting. The other day it was a scene without a fake bump, her hair curly, in a robe, and a pair of dance shoes. Those are dance shoes, right? It’s not exactly a kitten heel but it reminded me of when everyone was wearing those kitten heels, even she was wearing that kitten heel…

10 years ago.

And this is why Sasha hates a kitten heel in 2011.

But back in 2001, at the MTV Movie Awards, this is Cam in kitten heels and a rainbow working a little Courtney Love. But obviously not a junkie. I think she looks really good. I think this could actually stand up now. Even WITH the kitten heel. Which speaks to her great sense of style.

Cam was dating Jared Leto then. He took her to Brad Pitt’s wedding the year before. It scares me that I know this without having to look it up. This was the era of Vanilla Sky. And just before Gangs of New York. Well before Justin Timberlake. Um, please note Christina Aguilera. And then also please note Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.

I LOVE Gossip Nostalgia.

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