Really love how she’s wearing them. Really love how they look on her. Really love the entire outfit. Even the shoes, and I’m not big on a kitten heel, but she’s not wearing them like people who normally wear kitten heels.

But I wish her boy attitude was as fresh as her steeze.

And what of Cammie and A-Rod after she loved him up on television during the Super Bowl? There was a quick trip to New York, and then they returned to Miami where she’s looking to buy a crazy ass waterfront home that will accommodate him, mostly, but also his children. I’m told she’s considering a semi-permanent move to Miami, and wants to spend more time with his kids, stepmom styles.

The Yankees start spring training at the end of the month. Cam goes to London in May to start shooting Gambit with Colin Firth. She’ll also be promoting Bad Teacher in June. Now that we know Cammie is That Girl, how will That Girl be when she’s not at his side all the time? Is there a word for pre-embarrassment?

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