Whenever I interview activists I always ask them how they deal with the weight of the issues they’re standing up for, especially if those issues are directly related to their identity. Their answers don’t always make the final cut, but I ask because I’m personally interested. Standing up everyday to people who are fighting you on the basis of who you are as a human being is a lot to handle. I remember the comments I would see from those against the Black Lives Matter movement during the summer of 2020 and how they would affect me, and I’m not even on the front lines having people say these things to my face. It’s important for these people to take care of their mental health and that’s why Camila Cabello has announced the launch of the Healing Justice Project, which will give grants to grassroots organizations specifically so they can provide mental health resources to their frontline activists. I love this. The first found includes $250,000 for ten organizations.


I guess this is Camilla literally putting her money where her mouth is after apologizing in late 2019 for posting racist memes and racial slurs on her social media accounts in 2012 and 2013. She tells The Hollywood Reporter that she’s spent the last couple of years, and especially during the pandemic, reflecting on ways she’s contributed to systems of oppression and wants to do more to help the people on the ground, fighting for racial justice. It’s honestly nice to see that she’s doing the work. Whether you believe her apology for past actions or not, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen her seek out individuals who are smarter than she is on the issues and throw her support behind them or give them her platform. In addition to the money, she’s also going to be highlighting the ten organizations through virtual engagements and on her social media accounts over the coming months. 

Something else that may be in the cards in the coming months? An engagement for Shawn and Camila. The growingly popular DeuxMoi Instagram has received an anonymous submission suggesting Shawn already popped the question a few weeks ago. Needless to say the rumour has sent the Mendes Army over on Twitter into a tailspin with half of them refusing to believe Shawmila is engaged and the other half pissed that DeuxMoi is “ruining” the couple’s surprise. 


Is it believable? He’s only 22 years old, and she’s just a year older, which I think is too young but they are obsessed with each other as we’ve all been witness to over the past couple years. I wouldn’t say it’s outside the realm of possibility. Maybe he proposed on Christmas morning. He brought Camila home to Canada to visit his family over the holidays, which reportedly went great. His parents love her, and we already know her parents love him after he spent a big chunk of 2020 staying with them in Miami. Shawn and Camila are back in Miami, where they were spotted on another paparazzi friendly walk this week, with Camila’s mom and dad and their dogs. There’s no engagement rings present and what’s also absent is any sort of engagement glow.