Not that it would have been a real break up because it wasn’t a real relationship but still…

For all intents and purposes it was sold as a legitimate love, so will we be hearing about it on the Jonas Brothers next album? Probably won’t have to wait that long. Because Joe Jonas is part of the web generation – nothing happens if it doesn’t happen on Facebook/Twitter.

And clearly he is single now. Single in this case is also synonymous with gay.

What? No of course he’s not gay! Joe Jonas is straighter than China people hair.

As for his ex famewhore, here are more photos of Camilla Belle at Indian Wells with her new meal ticket Fernando Verdasco, openly affectionate. Not that it helped. He eventually lost to Roger Federer who lost to Andy Murray who lost to the tournament winner Rafael Nadal. And you will recall, Nadal was Camilla’s original mark.

If Rafa had actually bought into her bullsh-t…? Fernando would be a fourth Jonas Brother.

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