Glee’s Dianna Agron is dating Alex Pettyfer. Click here to see the photos of them together late summer being happy. If I were her though, I’d look out. Or maybe it’s happened already. I call it the Kate Bosworth Method. Bosworth tried it on Jim Sturgess and failed, she tried it on Alexander Skarsgard and it worked, leveraging a name for fame, and Camilla Belle is very, very familiar with this game too.

It’s how she worked her friend Robert Pattinson, who was oblivious, into a few lunch dates last year and – shockingly – the paps were around each time. Same situation with Joe Jonas. Belle is an opportunist. Trust. So when I see her with Alex Pettyfer, pictured yesterday after yet another lunch, and photographers just happened to be lurking, well, clearly she’s not unaware that Alex, the lead in what could become a major franchise with the backing of Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay, will be making a big splash in 2011 with the release of I Am Number Four.

This is the work of a typical Why Is.

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