A lot of people seem to think the Oscar race is a foregone conclusion. Well, tell that to the people in the race. They’re still campaigning. And you know how it is in Hollywood. Money is everything. If they’re spending money on consultants and strategies and appearances and this and that and the other, something is giving them reason to believe the votes are still out there.

Gary Oldman, Sarah’s awesomely bold prediction for Best Actor, wants those votes for himself. And he’s been working at it just as hard as the Clooneys, Pitts, and Dujardins.

Have you seen his Jersey Shore urinary tract infection reading on Kimmel? The video is below. Sirius Black says “booger”. Then there was a piece in the NY Times this past weekend. He talked about what he’s reading, he talked about how he’s a trained pianist, can play guitar, and just took up the ukulele. He also had this to say about his fellow nominees:

“(I’m watching) All the Oscar contenders. I’m a fan of George Clooney. I think he has a very interesting range. I think audiences respond to emotional sincerity. And you can’t put a pin through an insincere moment in Christopher Plummer’s performance. And Brad Pitt, I could watch him read a phone directory.”

Nicely done, Gary. Very nicely done.

Here he is yesterday with his wife at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon. Will you allow me one small gripe? It’s not really the place for a date. Like, the Jolie wasn’t there with Brad Pitt, you know?

But God he looks great in his yearbook photo, non?