Warren Beatty was honoured last night by the AFI and in turn honoured his wife Annette Bening while he was accepting his award.

"I love my profession, because it"s introduced me to the person who"s given me the most important thing of all, which is her love and the love of our four children … Annette," Beatty told the assembled, as his wife (since 1992), actress Annette Bening, teared up, and his sister, Shirley MacLaine, looked at her sister-in-law adoringly.

"I can thank the movies for leading me to you," he said to Bening, while also paying tribute to MacLaine as "the person who set an example that I could do anything in life I wanted to do." – People

Once upon a time, Warren Beatty was Hollywood"s most incorrigible bachelor. In an era less conservative than the present, when movie stars were allowed to be lotharios, when the MiniVan Majority was spending their weekends swinging instead of obsessing over baby bumps and judging other people"s children, when Jack Nicholson could get away after being caught in an orgy, Warren unapologetically romanced one after another and ran away from commitment. Until Annette Bening came along.

Today, George Clooney occupies his throne. The newly single Clooney, the modern iteration of Warren Beatty, is around the age when his predecessor met and married his match.

Is there an Annette Bening out there for George?

If so... who is it? Renee Zellweger wants to be it. Not happening.

Is there someone else? Or is it just not a possibility?

Photos from WENN