Canadians were generous. VERY, very generous. Nelly opened, Gord closed, K’naan and Metric delivered emotional performances, and at my last check on Saturday afternoon we raised $13.3 million to be matched by the Canadian government for a total and counting of $26 million and this does not include other concurrent fundraisers across the country. All told, it’s estimated Canada has raised $67 million, not including the match, from with a population of 33 million... this is OUTSTANDING.

Throughout the one hour telecast, we heard from activists and celebrities, the Prime Minister and the Governor General, and while the high profile fundraisers have concluded, please let’s not forget there’s so much work to be done. UNICEF Canada has a great Twitter feed for current updates.

Images from the event are attached. As for Rachel McAdams, I’m told she was there for 4 hours, was obliging and sweet and low key and willing to help in whatever way she could. No movie star airs, no diva demands. But you know this. She takes the subway, rides her bike, and hangs out in her little hometown when she could be whoring it on the premiere circuit in LA.

Canada, we were amazing. If you are able, please continue to be generous. Canada For Haiti, click here to give.

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