Cara Delevingne has been in LA all week. The other day she was hanging out with Cody Simpson and model Gigi Hadid. I’ve attached photos below. Last night though, for US Thanksgiving, she was over at Kate Hudson’s, hanging out with the entire family. Goldie, Kurt Russell, Kate’s brothers…

And dancing.

Kate posted several videos to Instagram apparently in response to a challenge from Julianne Hough. So they choreographed a dance routine. Obviously after a few bottles. And it’s pretty f-cking cute. By cute I mean mostly Kurt Russell who is totally committed to the effort while Goldie’s the one shooting it.

I like that they obviously had to practise several times to get the men’s foot motions exactly right. And their heads too! I like that it went to sh-t after a minute.

And there are props!


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After a while you really don’t pay attention to the girls. The boys are the entertainment.


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Then Kurt just takes over and a giant dog makes an appearance and…well… you wish you could have been there too.


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Example of very effective celebrity use of social media.