Cara Delevingne is pretty irresistible. It’s not just that you can’t help but like her, it’s also that you can’t help but go along with whatever it is that she wants to do. And she’s always a good time. This is why so many celebrities end up on her Instagram, being goofs. Lovable goofs. That’s another Cara signature – she’ll never get you shamed on social media. In fact, if you show up on her social media, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be more liked. Even Reese Witherspoon. I like when Reese dropped those f-cks on Cara’s Instagram. She, however, had some issues with it.

Here are two new videos that Cara has posted this morning. She’s been all over the place promoting Paper Towns. She’ll be on The Graham Norton Show tonight. With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Tinie Tempah, and Jake Gyllenhaal. And they all agreed to mess around with Arnold’s accent for Cara’s phone.



Watch the Graham Norton show tonight or else @schwarzenegger @emilia_clarke @tiniegram #JakeGyllenhaal

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Watch the Graham Norton show tonight! @schwarzenegger @emilia_clarke @tiniegram #JakeGyllenhaal

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She’s FUN.

The consequence of that fun is when fun for Cara gets to be too much. Which she openly addresses in her new cover feature for VOGUE.

“Trust me, I can find fun anywhere” is how the article opens. And it’s true. As expected, Cara will talk. She’ll talk about she parties/partied out of control. She talks about falling in love with women, and how women have hurt her the most. How her own mother has hurt her the most. She talks, often confusingly, about her desires, which are often in conflict. She is, as the writer points out, the opposite of Kate Moss, who for the most part has remained an enigma through her career. Cara’s not an enigma. She’ll puke out everything you want to know in the first five minutes, and probably puke for real right after. Is this a way of life to endorse? Of course not. Is this a reason to hate her, while she’s still figuring it out? For some of you, it is. But read the piece first before you decide. They’re calling her a symbol for a certain generation – and her popularity would support that position. Me, I find her vulnerability totally compelling and endearing, sometimes repulsive, but at the same time fascinating. Which, if you think about it, is a pretty solid formula for fame.

Click here to see more VOGUE photos and for the full article. I don’t like what they’ve done with these pictures, especially the one on the cover. It’s like Anna ordered her to be stripped of all her funk and edge.

And here’s a video with all her famous friends celebrating her first US VOGUE and talking about how much they love her: