Cara Delevingne is currently promoting Suicide Squad. During an interview with James Corden she talked about #Taymerica. Yes, please.

Apparently Cara, Uzo Aduba, and Ruby Rose decided to pull a ghost prank on some of the other #Taymerica celebrities. Here's how she tells the story:

I'm glad this came up. Both Cara and Uzo Aduba. Because they are two of my reasons for believing that Swoki isn't a publicity stunt. They're enjoying the publicity but that doesn't mean they're not real.

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about Taylor Swift and linked to a Slate article about bralets written by Heather Schwedel. Heather and I spoke recently about Taylor and Gossip Christmas. And when she asked me why I think Swoki is legit, for me it comes down to the circle of containment. If Swoki was a fraud, that circle would have to be huge. And it would have to include the Caras and the Uzos. Why would Uzo have to participate in that? Also, if you know Cara Delevingne, who isn’t exactly predictable, could you see her being on that kind of f-cksh-t?

Click here to read more from my conversation with Heather at Slate.

Attached – Cara at JFK this morning.