Carey Mulligan’s dress is Balenciaga. It’s OK. The safety pin there seems like an afterthought, somewhere you might put a bow, but for tonight, why not a safety pin because...punk. I think I might have been more excited about this if it didn’t have the sameness we’ve seen from her over the last two weeks. It’s all kinda just blending together and not super memorable...

But for the shoes.

Now the shoes are something special. These are no ordinary t-strap heels. These are incredible.

If we’re talking safety pins though, Hailee Steinfeld did them better. And I’m actually shocked that this is Donna Karan Atelier. The dress is leather. As you can see, the pins have been strategically placed to look like sun or flower bursts all over. So not just a safety pin for the sake of a safety pin. But that’s a heinous choice on her feet.