Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf went shopping yesterday at School Project Supplies. Now I’m itching from curiosity. What on earth are they building in his house? First it was a volcano kit now it’s poster board. Do they have fun smelling markers? Those are my favourite. I used to be a corporate trainer and practising penmanship with those markers was the funnest activity ever.

Carey turns down Shia’s bitch, non? Love them. Love HER. And LOVE her spread in Vogue. Have you seen? It’s eclectic and unusual and she doesn’t look perfect but is perfect because of it and the styling is first class and you’ll note the best images are the ones where she’s not making “model face”, like a real person, but a very, very chic one. It’s the reason why An Education is so f-cking delightful. And if you haven’t seen it, truly, you’re missing out.

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