Baz Luhrmann and his Gatsby cast were in Sydney tonight at the gala premiere. Tobey Maguire was there, and Joel Edgerton, and of course Carey Mulligan dutifully promoted their film. Leo, as you know, stayed back in Cannes. As previously mentioned, Leo bailed because of a “scheduling change”. He was out last night and the night before surrounded by models in Cannes. Click here for a refresher.

Luhrmann defended his star though, explaining that Leo had “personal reasons” for not coming to Sydney with everyone else:

"And I know he made the right decision. He shouldn't be here. There are things in your own personal life where you've got to draw a line and we talked about it. He did exactly the right thing in my opinion."

Baz sounds like an awesome boss.

So here they all are, Leo-less, on what appears to be a rainy carpet. Carey wore a light pink bustier over trousers with her hair in soft waves.

And if you’re wondering about Isla Fisher, she was in New York for her other film Now You See Me.