At the Never Let Me Go presser yesterday. I had hair like this in 1997 and should have loved it more at that time. How was that 13 years ago?!?! F-ck it’s only 9 and I can’t start drinking yet.

As for the film, it has not disappointed her at TIFF. Very well received and, if you know the book, of course you know it’s heartbreakingly sad, and the Academy loves heartbreakingly sad, and well acted and beautifully filmed and Carey, once again, is involved with a quality picture – two actually if you count Wall Street Money Never Sleeps, due in theatres soon, which I thought was an immensely watchable mess.

Career is good then. And her personal life is good too.

I saw Carey on Saturday night at the Vanity Fair party and let me tell you, as Sasha noted yesterday, that Christopher Kane dress was the talk of all the fashion people all weekend. In person, up close, those stars, the universe theme, it was perfect. I wanted it so badly.

Curiously enough, Carey seemed taller than I remembered when I last ran into her in Cannes. It may have been the shoes, sure, since she was skipping around barefoot that night but here, in that dress, and those red heels, with the light shining right over her head, she was pretty statuesque. And spectacular.

I met a lovely lady called S that night who reads my blog and she remarked to me that – gloating ahead! – I was right, that Carey is indeed so much prettier, really, really beautiful in person. Seriously, in photos she’s not the same.

She didn’t stay long though. Spent some time smoking on the patio and then snuck away to hook up with Shia for a quiet night. I heard he wasn’t originally supposed t be in Toronto. He came to support her. And when they found out he would be in town, they asked him to do some press for WSMNS and he said yes. But mostly, it’s for Carey. So yes, they’re still together, and yes, they’re still happy.

Am also attaching photos from the presser of author Kazuo Ishiguro. I don’t like to meet too many people. But I had to meet him. And the aforementioned S told me she could make that happen. And she did. So we talked at Vanity Fair and he’s lovely and he loves the movie and he’s proud of the movie, and he’s especially honoured that what he calls a “new generation of young British actors” was carrying out his work.

I’m sorry if I keep repeating myself but read it, then see it. You’ll love it.

Photos from Alberto E. Rodriguez/